Have your say and make a submission to Council’s Draft Street Tree Strategy 2017-2031. It provides an overview of Councils vision and priorities for the management of street trees in our towns and settlements.

Six guiding principles are:

  1. Enhance sense of place: through the provision of attractive tree lined streets.
  2. Ensure safe and functional streetscapes: through the implementation of best practice street tree management – the right tree in the right place.
  3. Ensure social equity: through the equitable delivery of the street tree planting programs across all identified settlements.
  4. Retain and manage existing street trees: ensure trees are maintained to a high standard to maximise longevity.
  5. Engage the community: raise awareness of the importance of street trees in influencing positive public health and wellbeing outcomes.
  6. Improve the liveability of our settlements: Council to work with the community and developers to ensure street tree benefits are maximised for the community and street trees are adaptable to future changes in climate.

Currently over 16,000 street trees are managed by the Shire, a number which will increase as there are over 3,000 vacant spaces for street trees identified.

The draft plan provides the framework for Council actively improving our streetscapes by undertaking planned programs of plantings, managing the existing street trees and working with the community to improve the awareness and appreciation of the role that street trees have in defining our towns and settlements.

Anyone who has an interest in improving the environment in which we live and work, is invited to make a submission and have their say during this consultation process.

The draft Street Tree Strategy will be out for public consultation for 28 days, from Tuesday 17 October 2017.

More information or to make a submission: https://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/consultations/draft-street-tree-strategy-2017-to-2031